“Quiddity is simply delightful…it goes about its business of entertaining the masses of literary fandom…with an originality never seen…a wonderful romp through words…writing of the finest example…it doesn’t get any better than this.”


Quiddity is a multimedia arts venue featuring an international literary journal, an NPR Illinois program, and a visiting writer and artist series.  Each publication and broadcast features the evocative and sensate essence of the human experience expressed by poets and writers across the globe. 

The brilliant thing about the medium is to hear poets reading, speaking and singing their works and the extra impact that it makes on the listener.”

~Cambridge University Press

Volume 1, Issue 1

Kristin Abraham>Joshua Thomas Armstrong>Salvatore Attardo>Chad Baldwin>Louis E. Bourgeois>Torsten Caeners>Carol Carpenter>Patrick Carrington>Helen Degen Cohen>David Cornwell>Lightsey Darst>Carol V. Davis>Lynn Domina>Thomas J. Erickson>John Estes>Gretchen Fletcher>John Flynn>Peter Funk>Bill Garvey>nancy genevieve>Giles Goodland>Colleen Harris>Susan Hazen-Hammond>Jim Hill>Elizabeth Kerlikowske>Helga Kidder>Alex Lindquist>Ellaraine Lockie>Rachel Losh>Eileen Malone>Robert Manaster>Naomi Neal>J.O.J. Nwachukwu-Agbada>Lucyna Prostko>Rachel Reischling>Moya Roddy>Lori Romero>Amy Sayre-Roberts>Peter Serchuk>Marian Kaplun Shapiro>Noel Sloboda>Victoria Sprow>Kevin Stein>J. Steinfeld>Truth Thomas>Jean Tupper>Wendy Vardaman>Benjamin Vogt>Asha Vose>Amie Whittemore>Laura Madeline Wiseman>Robert E. Wood

Volume 1, Issue 2

Will Anderson>Troy Bigelow>Douglas A. Blackmon>Adam Braver>Jason Lee Brown>Sean Brendan-Brown>Marcy Campbell>Dan Campion>Orman Day>Jane Eckles>Rebecca Ellis>Dan Guillory>Kathleen Gunton>klipshutz>John Knoepfle>John Kruse>Annie Lighthart>Mike Manning>Wes McNeese>Jane Noblet>Sara Ratcliffe>Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Diocese of Springfield in Illinois>Paul Sohar>Jim Tolan>Emily Thompson>Martha Modena Vertreace-Doody>Lance Weller>Martin Willitts Jr.>David Wright

Volume 2, Issue 1

Over fifty new works of poetry and prose from emerging and established writers around the world, including:
Fred Yannantuono>Toshiya Kamei>Zane Kotker>John M. Anderson>River Adams>Krikor Der Hohannesian>Peter Ramos>Donald Levering>Saqi Farooqi and Ahmad Nadeem Oasmi (trans. Alamgir Hashmi)>K.E. Duffin>John McKern>Charlotte Otten>D.L. Estero
as well as artwork from Sacha Newley and interviews with Susan Bordo and James A. Winn