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Teresa A. White Literary Award:
"Buck-a-Word" Contest

Reading for the Teresa A. White Award takes place in odd-numbered years. Hearty congratulations to the following Teresa A. White Award winners!

Submissions are being accepted for the 2013 contest. Click here for guidelines.
UPDATE: The entry fee is now $15.00. All entrants will receive a one year subscription.

2011: Kelly Martineau for "Bounty and Burden" - featured in print edition 5.1 and on radio broadcast (episode 6 - 4)

2009: Roy William Scranton for "Never Closer" - featured in print edition 3.1 and on radio broadcast (episode 2 - 9)


The Linda Hodge Bromberg Literary Award

Reading for the Linda Hodge Bromberg Award takes place in even-numbered years. Hearty congratulations to the most recent Linda Hodge Bromberg Award winner!

2012: Andrea Bates for "For Those Who Have Given up on Fire" - featured in print edition 6.1 and on radio broadcast (episode 6 - 4)

2010: Crystal Hadidian for "Old Men" - featured in print edition 4.1 and on radio broadcast (episode 6 - 4)


Book Trailer Contest for Writers and Small orIndependent Presses

Congratulations to the winning entrants in Quiddity’s book trailer competition.  The contest has no fee and awards two prizes of $500 as well as broadcast, Web, and print promotion by Quiddity—one prize each in the categories Manuscripts (for writers with unpublished, completed manuscripts) and Books (for small or independent presses promoting their titles and authors).

First-place winners and honorable mentions from Quiddity’s most recent competition are featured below.  The variety of the entries made them a delight to behold, and we were grateful for the opportunity to host the contest in support of both writers promoting their manuscripts in the marketplace as well as those champions of literary production: small and independent presses. 

Manuscripts Category
(awards for a book trailer video submitted by a writer who has a book-length work of prose that has not yet found its home with a publisher)

First Place:  Stace Budzko’s “How to Set a House on Fire” (Short Story Collection)

Books Category
(awards for a book trailer video submitted by a small or independent press promoting a recent title and author)

First Place:  Doug Harris’s You Comma Idiot (Goose Lane Editions)


Honorable Mention:  Jessica Bell’s String Bridge (Lucky Press, LLC)

Honorable Mention: Christopher Allan Poe’s The Portal (Black Opal Books)

Honorable Mention: Evelyn Krieger’s One Is Not a Lonely Number (YM Books)

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