Emma Bartholomew

BartholomewPhotoBorn in London, Emma Bartholomew earned a MSc in Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh where she will return to work on her PhD, focusing on poetry and cartography. Her work has been published in various literary magazines in the UK and the USA, and her first chapbook is forthcoming from Forest Publications (2011). Bartholomew’s poetry explores themes of travel and landscape as well as philosophical perceptions of intimacy and “the metaphysics of the everyday.” Recently, her writing has centered on questions of place and the complications it can incur: a broken landscape, troublesome journeys, or a juxtaposition of history and presence. Her latest work examines poetry’s link with cartography.

Of her study, Bartholomew writes, “My research [includes] academic support from philosophy (Husserl’s concept of Lebenswelt, or “life-world,” may prove to be a very interesting link to explain how we structure perceptions of our worlds, which is relevant to structuring poetry and identifying place) to geography (comparing the topography of a map to the type and blank spaces in a poem). Maps and poems [each] create worlds. I aim to draw a connection between them to show the two creative acts as equivalent to each other, despite using different mediums.”

When she is not writing, Bartholomew teaches poetry to adolescents and young adults and accrues extensive late fees from a plethora of libraries.