Today is Injury

I want to be struck
like everyone does:
fist to upper arm,
axe handle brought
to back, kidney shots
by the dozen, a classic
haymaker landing

to lay me down
to sleep. Come
and break whatever
small clarity I gain
in the morning, just
before noon, when
caffeine straddles
the beckoning light
and its possibilities:

is today the day,
and so forth, or
is tonight the night,
yadda yadda. So
much unfolds as
sun strikes sky
shade fades to
the noggin thwack

and we're back
in the moment,
ready for breaking,
headache's will
conquering day
as if I wanted it.


Volume 11.2 - December 2018

KHALEEL GHEBA received his MFA in Poetry from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2014. His work has appeared in DIAGRAM, Redivider, Bayou Magazine, the Bellingham Review, Cleaver Magazine, and elsewhere. He currently lives in Maryland, where he works as a public librarian.