In the Instagram video my son sends me,
the gazelle’s offspring, in its mucous sack,
drops out of her onto a bare spot of dirt:

you hear the tourists—they’re on safari—
oohing as the fawn tries to stand, falls back,
then just stays; the mother faces forward, alert,

then hears, behind, something it doesn’t see
and runs off—never looking back; the attack
seems, almost, loving: as if not wanting to hurt

the fawn, the cheetah takes it by the neck, gently,
off the dirt.


Volume 12.1 - June 2019

Stephen Gibson is the author of seven poetry collections: Self-Portrait in a Door-Length Mirror (2017 Miller Williams Prize winner, selected by Billy Collins, University of Arkansas Press), The Garden of Earthly Delights Book of Ghazals (Texas ReviewPress), Rorschach Art Too (2014 Donald Justice Prize, Story Line Press), Paradise (Miller Williams finalist, University of Arkansas Press), Frescoes (Lost Horse Press book prize), Masaccio’s Expulsion (MARGIE/IntuiT House book prize), and Rorschach Art (Red Hen Press).