Contests & Awards

contest_imgThere are currently no contests to be held in 2017.


The Editor’s Prize Past Winners

Poetry:  Jacob Strautmann for “Five String” and Mark Yakich for “Lamentation”

Prose:  Luke Wiget for “A Boat Story” and Matthew Fogarty for “Finishing Moves (when it comes crashing down)”

Teresa A. White Literary Award: “Buck-a-Word” Contest Past Winners

  • 2013: Chad Simpson for “I Later Learned the Fish was a Gar” – featured in print edition 7.1 and on radio broadcast (epsiode 7-6)
  • 2011: Kelly Martineau for “Bounty and Burden” – featured in print edition 5.1 and on radio broadcast (episode 6 – 4)
  • 2009: Roy William Scranton for “Never Closer” – featured in print edition 3.1 and on radio broadcast (episode 2 – 9)

Reading for the Teresa A White Literary Award takes place in odd-numbered years.

The Linda Hodge Bromberg Literary Award Past Winners

  • 2014: Eileen Malone for “weed, seed, creed”- to be feaured in print edtion 8.1 and on radio broadcast (episode 8-4)
  • 2012: Andrea Bates for “For Those Who Have Given up on Fire” – featured in print edition 6.1 and on radio broadcast (episode 6 – 4)
  • 2010: Crystal Hadidian for “Old Men” – featured in print edition 4.1 and on radio broadcast (episode 6 – 4)

Reading for the Linda Hodge Bromberg Award takes place in even-numbered years.

Book Trailer Contest for Writers and Small or Independent Presses

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